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Solo Modes
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NameDesignAvailabilityTypeWin Conditionrelated game
10th Expansion - SoloOfficialPromoTrue soloBeat the gameThe Castles of Burgundy (2011)
1-2 Player Variant by Rod KingFan-madeDownloadTrue soloBeat an automaXia: Legends of a Drift System (2014)
156 Sunny StreetOfficialExpansionTrue soloBeat your own scoreDream Home (2016)
6 CastlesOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat your own score6 Castles (2019)
7 Wonders DuelOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat an automa7 Wonders Duel (2015)
9th DaughterFan-madeDownloadTrue soloBeat an automaHadara (2019)
A4 QuestOfficialBase gamePure soloBeat the gameA4 Quest (2017)
Abomination: The Heir of FrankensteinOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat the gameAbomination: The Heir of Frankenstein (2019)
A Feast for OdinOfficialBase gameTrue soloBeat your own scoreA Feast for Odin (2016)
A Feast For Odin - Solo BookletFan-madeDownloadPure soloBeat your own scoreA Feast for Odin (2016)
Age of GalaxyOfficialBase gameTrue soloBeat your own scoreAge of Galaxy (2022)
Age of Galaxy Scenario-Based CampaignOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat the gameAge of Galaxy (2022)
AI botFan-madeDownloadTrue soloBeat an automaFlesh and Blood (2019)
Akropolis Solo ModeOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat an automaAkropolis (2022)
AlchemiaFan-madeDownloadTrue soloBeat your own scoreRes Arcana (2019)
Ambush!OfficialBase gamePure soloBeat the gameAmbush! (1983)
Anno 1800OfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat the gameAnno 1800: The Board Game (2020)
Another BYOS solo variantFan-madeDownloadTrue soloBeat your own scoreCoimbra (2018)
Arcadia QuestOfficialDownloadTrue soloBeat the gameArcadia Quest (2014)
Architects of the West KingdomOfficialBase gameTrue soloBeat an automaArchitects of the West Kingdom (2018)