What is SoloBoardGaming?

SoloBG is an online resource and community that aims to be the definitive source for solo board and card game related content.

So you are trying to compete with BoardGameGeek?

Absolutely not - everyone loves BoardGameGeek and so do I! But in my opinion BoardGameGeek is not really focusing on what I want to know: how does a board game play solo, if at all.

It's not always easy to get this kind of information on BoardGameGeek unless a game is featuring a solo mode out of the box. And that's where SoloBG comes into play.

SoloBG tries to make it easy to find out which solo modes are available for a game and how they play. Is a game playable solo right away or do you have to get an expansion for it? Is there a fan-made solo mode? You will instantly find out on SoloBG.

Why should I register?

To fully use many of the site's features, you'll need a username. Registration on SoloBG is free. To add any content to the site, you must register. After that you can:

  • Add a solo mode to the database
  • Rate solo modes
  • Become a fan of a solo mode
  • Talk about solo modes with other users
  • Import your collection from BoardGameGeek and easily find every solo mode for the games you own

I am are working on many more features in the future, so stay tuned!