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Solo play for 6 Castles is pretty much the same as the normal rules with some exceptions applying.

12 land tiles will form the pile of the imaginary opponent. The game has 12 rounds and unfolds as follows:

  1. at the turn of the imaginary opponent (who will be first player), the player picks up the land tile that is on top of the opponent’s stack and always face down puts it in the territory where this tile touches the most previously placed tiles. Whenever there is more than one possibility for this placement, the player decides where to place that tile. Then the player turns the land tile face up and without rotating it leaves it in the same place. But if the land tile has a terrain with rock, the usual rules of placement must be followed, moving the piece to where it is correct. If appropriated, a castle tile is placed on the closed hill with at least one rock terrain.
  2. the player, on his turn, chooses one of the two land tiles in his hand and places it on the territory following the current rules;
  3. the player carries out a disc action (A) or a worker action (B);
  4. the player takes a new land tile from the draw pile that is next to him and joins it to his hand (this step is not done in the two final rounds);
  5. the player repeats steps 1 to 4 until the last action is taken.

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6 Castles
6 Castles (2019)
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