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For this variant, you and the young Osahito attend the painter Hokusai’s school. You know that Osahito will be the next emperor and that his practice of art is somewhat different from the rules taught here. The Grand Master enjoys it inwardly, but he wonders who could give a humility lesson to this prestigious apprentice. Will you be this one?

(french translation here).

You will face him with the following rules:


There is no difference with the usual 2-players setup. Osahito uses any starting tile. It is useless to provide brushes to Osahito (at begging or later). The Grand Master and Assistant pawns are not used: Osahito gives you the role of first player during the whole game (and the two Harmony final points that relate to it).


You are free to broaden your knowledge or put it into practice as the usual rule. However, Osahito is always pursuing the teachings, so you might better be studious too... You will put your Lessons cards in your Print or Studio according to the usual rules.

Placement of Lesson cards for Osahito

Osahito, being second player, uses the column of Lesson cards you leave him. Osahito has no restrictions to expand his Print. The first and second Lessons always expand his Print (regardless of which knowledges are mandatory to paint these landscapes), EXCEPT IF the card contains one of the 4 studio symbols (Brush, Assistant, Double arrow or Hand), then this Lesson card is stacked in his Studio. The third Lesson always improves his Studio, EXCEPT IF the card contains a Joker, then it is stacked in his Print. The order in which his Lesson cards are arranged, as well as the order of the Seasons of his Print, do not matter.

Claiming a Diploma

You and Osahito can have one Diploma at most, per category (color).

In your turn, if you reach their required conditions, you can at any time (even late):

  • obtain new Diploma,
  • upgrade your Diplomas with better Diplomas of the same category, and give your lower Diplomas back.
  • In the latter case, the returned Diplomas must be immediately given to Osahito, if he already reached (or exceeded) their prerequisites. If any, he must abandon his lower Diplomas of the same category.

In Osahito's turn, he must immediately obtain the Diplomas for which he reached (or exceeded) the prerequisites (including Diplomas that you have just returned). He must abandon his lower Diplomas of the same category. You can at any time take a Diploma returned by Osahito, if you meet their required conditions.

Diplomas with Storm and Brush bonus: don't forget to return the Diplomas with their bonus. If you already used a bonus Brush, you can no longer return the associated Diploma.

Diplomas with Assistant bonus: You are always the first player.

End of the game

The end of game conditions are unchanged.


You score your Harmony points according to the usual rule, including two points for being first player.

Osahito's scoring:

  • A: One point per Lesson card in his print (including the starting tile),
  • B1: One point per card of the most frequent Season of his Print, independently of their positions (including the starting tile),
  • B2: One point per Storm card and per Storm token from his Diplomas (Storm tokens do not need to be placed on the Osahito’s Print),
  • C: One point per Harmony symbol of his Print and Studio,
  • D: The points of his Diplomas,
  • E: One point for each Hand symbol and Assistant symbol of his Studio and Diplomas.

Note that Osahito never get Harmony penalty, because Joker cards must be stacked (hidden) in his Print.

Score sheet:

                    -you-    Osahito
Size of Print                   A
Season and Storms            B1 + B2
Harmony symbols                 C
Diplomas                        D

Bonus                 2         E
Total :

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Kanagawa (2016)
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