Age of Galaxy
Age of Galaxy (2022)
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Age of Galaxy is a strategic game in the line of Age of Civilization. This pocket-sized 4X game places you in control of an interstellar alliance consist of 3 factions with unique powers. You could explore systems, colonize planets, research technologies, build galactic cruisers, and much more.

There are many potential paths to victory, according to the ability combos and the main ideology of your alliance.

The five ideologies:

Supporters of Science commit themselves to lifelong research on new technologies, convinced that knowledge is the only way forward.
Upholders of Militarism are merciless aggressors who conquer by might, regarding wars as a means to an end.
On the other hand, keen adopters of Diplomacy prioritize relations between factions, acting tactfully while competing to become the head of the Congress.
Factions that value Industrialism undertake ambitious construction schemes to turn planets into highly-developed cities and industrial complexes.
As for factions that advocate Culturalism, they take pride in cultivating spiritual and cultural growth, always curious about the insights the mysterious “Relics” might offer.

In this vast galaxy with more than 30 extraordinary factions, the possibilities are unlimited!

—description from the publisher

This game has 3 solo modes.
Age of Galaxy #Official
Base game True solo Beat your own score
Age of Galaxy Scenario-Based Campaign #Official
Download True solo Beat the game
Solo Mode by Dan Zielinski #Fan-made
Download True solo Beat the game