Dorasure (2014)
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You are an adventurer to beat evil dragon dwelling near a town in Havinia. Earning experience, getting items and weapons for the final battle.
Dorasure is a cooperative miniature board game.

You have to conquer five mountains or dragon fly and escape.
To conquer the mountain, dice rolling for a skill is required. You can roll with your adventure skill(battle/search/intelligence) or may boost with one time resource. Boosting resource can be recovered at defined situation per a adventure.
Each Character can expand their skill with exp, but expansion is pre-defined per the adventure.

Each adventure has different:

Exp and expansion for the exp
Resources, and recovery situation
Special item for final battle

The game is separated into two phases: adventuring and dragon battle.
While adventuring, you can earn exp to expand your skill, but you have to complete all mountains by dragon rampage, or lose. The dragon battle is an exciting battle with earned skill to kill the dragon.

This game has a solo mode.
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