All-Terrain (2022)
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All-Terrain is an off-roading board game where players explore trails and obstacles while racing through a continuous map.

In All-Terrain, players become the driver for one of the unique off-road vehicles. Drivers begin by outfitting their 'rig' with a set number of over-landing add-ons to try and gain the best situational advantage. As drivers leave the garage, they'll need to strategize by plotting their course through the known environment and around other drivers.

Out on the trails, drivers and their vehicle capabilities will be tested on hidden obstacles and unexpected events throughout the map. Once an obstacle has been revealed, other drivers can use that knowledge to their advantage when planning their own routes.

To win the race, you must be the first to run a full lap through the world and a final reverse lap. May the best driver win!

—description from the publisher

This game has a solo mode.
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